Fostering Contract

Please take the time to work through the documents and the form below.    If you have any trouble, or require help, please contact us as soon as possible. 

Thank you for fostering for One Paw!

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Terms and Conditions of Fostering a One Paw Dog

Fostering for One Paw
Fostering can be a challenge, but also is very rewarding!

Fostering for adult dogs (12 months and older) is for a minimum of 4 weeks
Fostering for dogs (12 months and under) is for a minimum of 2 weeks
On the first day of arrival, some of our One Paw babies can be scared or nervous; we
therefore advise that they are given space allowing them to come to you when ready. This
could take some time. Some of these babies have never been in a home environment before
and therefore may take time to adapt to their new surroundings. So, your role as a foster
parent is to take each day as it comes; show them where their bed is, where to toilet
(supervised) and work towards establishing a routine.

We as a small rescue require that you use our vet, however we understand this may not
always be possible, for example, if you live a long distance away from our vets. If you do
intend to use an alternative veterinary practice for any reason you must get permission
from Shane or Shaun. The only exception to this would be in the case of an emergency.
Due to their history, some of our One Paw babies will require more time and patience than
others. For example some may have separation anxiety, guarding issues around food (this
will ease in time once they know food is not in short supply and they settle into their daily
Our team are always on hand whenever needed. We will be there at any point during the
fostering process, providing as much support as required. For additional support from fellow
fosterers and adopters please feel free to join our advice page on Facebook (search for One
Paw advice page for fosterers and adopters)

As a result of the stress of transport, many dogs will suffer from some form of Kennel cough.
If this applies to your foster dog, and is a mild case, under recommendation (All Creatures
Veterinary) a small amount of Benylin cough mixture can be given, however NOT SUGAR
FREE- this is dangerous. In more extreme cases a visit to the vet may be required. Prior to
any medication being administered we ask to be informed.

Additional aftereffects of transport, change of diet and surroundings may include a small
amount of blood in the dogs’ faeces. This is very common; however it should be monitored
in particular noting the amount and colour of blood. To minimise the risk of this occurring
we advise for the first few days to feed your foster dog on a diet of rice and chicken which
will help settle their stomach before moving on to standard dog food.

The only brand of dog food we do not allow our foster dogs to be fed is Bakers due to its
high salt content.