About us

Welcome to One Paw At a Time Dog Rescue

We are a small team based in Nottingham. We started our rescue in 2014 and have helped over 1000 dogs.

We help dogs from UK dog pounds where they can either be strays or abandoned and only get seven days to be claimed by an owner or a rescue.

We also help Romanian dogs, we think they deserve a chance and this does not affect us helping UK dogs. Dogs in Romania are often beaten, starved, and killed in the most horrendous ways.

We have also recently been helping dogs from the dog meat trade in China. These dogs are rescued from horrific conditions. There are no laws in china for animals, so it is legal to beat and torture and eat them. We are making a small difference by helping some come to the UK, we don’t help many as the costs are so high, but any donations towards the costs are welcomed.

All our dogs are placed in foster homes for an assessment period. This means we can gather information on how they behave within the home environment and with other dogs, cats and children. We then advertise them here on our website and Facebook page and groups to find them loving forever homes.

We do offer a RBU this means if the dog ever needs to return to us once adopted for any reason then we will take our One Paw back and find a new home.

Our adoption area is a few hours hours from Nottingham only.

We can’t run our rescue without the support of our members, and adopters and fosters. Please take a look at the ways you can support us.

Shane and Shaun, founders of One Paw at a Time Dog Rescue