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About Pip

  • I am a large size mixed breed female from Romania and I am approx 6 years old.
  • When I first moved to my foster family I was very nervous and shy, and didn’t used to like walks too much as I was prone to anxiety.
    I have now been with my foster mum and dad and two fur foster siblings for a few months, and I have really gained confidence, I very settled very well, am friendly and loving, enjoy a fuss and enjoy going on walks!
  • I am just nervous and shy when meeting new people, and in new situations.
  • I am looking for a home where someone is around a lot, and can continue to help me build confidence.
  • My owner will need to be understanding, and not to expect me to be “outgoing and super friendly” at the very start, but who will give me time and patience and lots of encouragement for me to adjust to my new home and family,
  • I will need to live with AT LEAST ONE OTHER CALM/HAPPY/WELL ADJUSTED dog on a full time basis who will help to reassure me in my new surroundings, and who I can continue to learn from.
  • I can be left on my own after settling in for a while, as long as I am left with another dog for reassurance
  • ally,I walk well on the lead, love my wet food and meaty treats and I will gently paw at you to ask for chest rubs.
  • Any resident children will need to be 15+ as I can be startled by sudden movements or loud noises.
  • I am fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered
  • I am currently in a foster home in Nottingham


Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption

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