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About Hope

  • I am a cocker spaniel from Egypt and I am approximately 8 years old
  • I am totally blind but it does not hinder me at all, within a day I was finding my way all around the garden and the house and there are a lot of steps and stairs which I have now mastered,
  • My hearing is fine andI can hear the fridge door opening from the next village!
  • I follow my foster mum and follow her round all day like a shadow and love to snuggle up next to her on the sofa.
  • I haven’t shown much interest in toys
  • I was very underweight when I got here however I am putting weight on nicely now. I have to be on a special anti allergenic diet as I have intolerances to dairy, wheat and grains. I also enjoy a vegetable chew, which I can tolerate and I am partial to a bit of carrot.
  • I currently live with three other dogs and get on with them fine although I don’t really play with them much, I prefer people so I would be happy to be an only dog.
  • I am fantastic on walks. I walk well on a harness
  • I’m not fazed by anything and will happily have a sniff and follow my foster mum as she keeps talking to me. She carries a little bell which helps me keep track of her, sometimes if I do not know where she is I can get a bit anxious. I do have some separation anxiety, and I currently sleep upsstairs with my foster mum and the other dogs.
  • I am now house trained and I sleep through the night and have no accidents although sometimes I do need to go in the night
  • I am extremely calm and gentle natured so I would be fine with dog savvy older children
  • I am vaccinated, microchipped and I am being spayed at beginning of December when I have gained a bit more weight.
  • I am currently in a foster home in the vale of Belvoir, near Grantham in Lincolnshire.


Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption

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