Fostering Process

Fostering can be a challenge but very rewarding:

Fostering is about you as the foster mum or dad assessing a dog in your care to see how they are with interacting with people, other dogs, cats and children under supervision. The foster family must be prepared to foster any dog that One Paw chooses depending your circumstances.

Fostering is a great help to our rescue and means we can help more dogs find a perfect forever home.

The foster period is a minimum of four weeks or more depending on how the dog is in the house with yourself or family.

We can only let people foster in Nottingham, Derby or Leicester areas. We are going further a field slowly in Sheffield and Birmingham areas.

If you can help foster, please do get in touch.

Please note:

People that work full time maybe considered for fostering but only if measurements are in place if the dog is going to be left for more than 6 hours.