One Paw -vs- China Meat Trade

We are aiming to help a small number of dogs from China. We are still, and always will be dedicated to saving Romanian and UK dogs but we now want to further ourselves and help China.

One Paw founder Shaun Duffin said; “The meat trade is the worst I’ve ever seen in rescue, the dogs are caught or stolen, adults and puppies placed in cramped cages where bodies are crushed, the dogs can’t breathe, there’s no water or food, and they can’t move in the cages. They are then sold on to the meat buyers, butchers who then sell them on the stalls, cook, skin and burn the dogs alive.

We are appealing for rescues like us to join us and help save at least one life. Toegther we are stronger, and we can make a difference to the lives of these dogs.

The cost of saving a China baby is high.
£250 for flights
£100 for a travel crate
£100 for boating costs
£65 for spaying, castrating and vaccinating. 

We can’t do this alone and we’re appealing to you for help.
Anything, from 1p to £10 will help, we’re grateful for every single donation, and every single penny will go towards helping these dogs.

Next Trip to China is the 25th October 2018  

To make a donation specifically for the China dogs, please use the button below to be taken to PayPal.