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  • Location: Nottingham
  • I am a small size mixed breed female originally from Romania and I am approx 9/10 years old
  • I was adopted by a lovely family back in 2019, but due to health reasons the family decided it was best for me to find a new forever family who can look after me.
  • When I first meet people I am a little anxious, but if they can be patient with me I’Il settle down very quickly.
  • If you take me to your heart I will soon learn to love you.
  • My foster mum says that I am a sweet, loving, faithful girl who warms her heart, always makes her smile and is easy to love.
  • I love going for walks and enjoy being outside in the garden, therefore direct access to a garden is a must.
  • I’m a curious little girl and like to explore my surroundings.
  • When people pass by or come to the door, I bark … but I mean no harm and will settle down, tail wagging if they speak to me.
  • My foster mum says I’m a proper little guard dog – no-one can come to the door without my knowing! But generally I’m very calm and I want to please.
  • I usually like other dogs but am a nervous of big, lively ones and would need a little time to get to know them.
  • I’m currently living in a foster home with one other small dog and I think I’d like to have another calm and happy little companion.
  • I’d be fine living as an only dog, maybe with an older person who is around most of the time to keep me company.
  • . I really want to please when I understand what is needed – I may need a little patience with this but I’m learning.
  • I enjoy my walks and behave very well on the lead but am fearful of heavy traffic, especially buses and lorries … although I’m getting more used to it because where I’m living there are some very busy roads. 
  • I’m toilet trained and once I settle down in a new home I can be left for a couple of hours with no problem. 
  • I enjoy my food including treats like chicken, sardines, occasionally a little boiled egg – and some treats!
  • Children need to be 15+ and respect my space,
  • I am vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.
  • I am currently in a foster home in Nottingham.
Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption

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