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About Jasper

  • Im a male Shih Tzu type dog from Romania and 2 1/2 years old.
  • I’m a very sweet and affectionate young man who loves a cuddle and belly rub.
  • I am playful and love spending lots of time in the garden and outdoors. I
  • love to play with toys but if I find a favourite toy I may try to guard but working on fetch and drop. I
  • can be left on my own but initially maybe unsettled but will respond well if left with a ‘lick mat’.
  • I am looking for a home with someone who is around a lot of the time and who can continue with my training and offer me structure and routine.
  • I will also need a home with another dog for reassurance, to learn from and to play with.
  • When left with the family dog I’m happy and settled.
  • I love going for walks and I currently go for 2 walks a day, although I am wary around people.
  • I will actively move away when I see someone approaching and hide behind foster mums legs.
  • I am occasionally reactive to larger dogs but learning to be distracted .
  • I like to greet when allowed and am friendly with smaller dogs. I am very anxious of strangers entering the house so needs to be managed carefully.
  • I eat well but need to be fed separately. I will not take another dogs food when eating but will if left and then guard.
  • I have shown guarding over my foster mum so care is needed.
  •   I’m fully house trained.
  • I sleep through the night in a bed on my own
  • Adult home only (over 18) 
  • I am vaccinated, Microchipped & Neutered.
  • I am currently in a foster home in Nottinghamshire.
Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption

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