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About Hazel

  • I am a small size mixed breed female from Romania.  My passport says I am 3 years old, but everyone thinks I am younger!
  • I am a lively, inquisitive little lady, who just loves the company of humans, and follow my foster mum around everywhere to see what she is doing.
  • I enjoy meeting new people, and am not shy, I enjoy lots of fuss and attention, an I am definitaly a snuggle-bunny!
  • I currently live with my 5 foster siblings, and get on with them fine.  I do love to play, and run around and play chase, and I can be quite vocal when enjoying a rough and tumble!
  • I would really like a home with another playful young dog, who doesn’t mind me interacting with them, and rolling around playing and chasing.
    However I could live as an only dog in the right circumstances, as long as I was socialised with other dogs on a very regular basis, and given the opportunity to run and play.
  • I would need a home someone was around a lot, and has lots of time to interact with me, and take me on walks where I can continue to enjoy and explore the big wide world.
  • I play with toys, and will chase them when thrown and bring them back for more, and am very good at tug-of-war.
  • I love chewing any kind of dog chew, and this keeps me busy, as I have a selection and keep tasting different ones.
  • I am well behaved on my harness and lead, although I sometimes bark at other dogs and get very excited if I see a squirrel.
  • I eat well, and would need to be fed separately from other dogs.
  • I sleep at night in a crate in my foster mums room. I am very good and sleep all night without any fuss.
  • I am house trained, but may still have the odd accident in the house.
  • I travel well in the car, and am restrained with a doggie seat belt.
  • Children/visiting children would need to be 12+. I can sometimes use my teeth when playing as I am still quite young.
  • I am vaccinated/microchipped and neutered.
  • I am currently in a foster home in Nottingham.


Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption

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