Success Stories

We try to keep in touch with all of our One Paw family! Here you’ll find success stories from our adopters and fosterers, and if you’d like to submit your dog, you can click here to be taken to the submission form!

“This is Cooper. We fostered him to begin with and after a short break from us we missed him so much and just had to adopt him! He has brought us so much laughter, tears and joy. We had a few problems with him but patience is a virtue. We wouldn’t swap him for the world. The only thing we need to sort out now is his recall and aggression towards other dogs and people however he’s been brilliant with everything else, he’s really helped me with my Bipolar and we just love him to bits.”

“After seeing the videos from the public shelters over in Romania we knew we wanted to help. We offered to be fosterers for the rescue and we were quickly matched with Sandy. To begin with we struggled to get Sandy to trust our other dog, but with patience, hard work and an enormous amount of help from the One Paw community, we succeeded and they are now best friends. We fell in love with Sandy and adopted her. Thanks One Paw!”

“This is Miss Dolly, I saw her before picture and she just melted my heart, after a thorough homecheck she came for a meet and greet, initially she wasn’t too sure about our dogs however after a second meet and greet we have never looked back! With time, patience and love she has grown into an incredible little confident dog! We would highly recommend adopting from One Paw at a time. Adopt don’t shop”

“The first time I saw Ivy she was nervous and wary of us.I spent alot of time sat on the floor letting her come to me. Separation issues came. She ate the curtains, our shoes,the solid wood kitchen door.We both cried lots. It was heartbreaking to see her this way and I was in two minds what to do a lovely man that gave us a few tips and the changes started. She now has full run of the house and is very very loving although she won’t go outside if raining and uses front room carpet sigh..!  But am I glad I persevered, absolutely.”