Dogs For Adoption

On this page you’ll find all of the lovely fur babies that we currently have wanting to be adopted to find their forever home. Some of the dogs have pages of their own you can click and find out a little more, this is usually the dogs that need a little more TLC than the others.

If you’ve found your new best friend, make sure you go to the interest form to register your interest, if you’ve got any questions visit the contact us page and we’ll get in touch as soon as we’re able.

Please Note we only Adopt to Families with children in the home over 7 years of age and we ask that all resident dogs are neutered. 

Adoption Donation is £270 China dogs are £350 as it costs us nearly £800 per dog to get them safe from china from the meat trade.

This includes: Vaccinations, Microchipped, Flead and Wormed and Neutered, and pet passport.

Thank you for your support,
Lots of love,
The One Paw Team x


This is Kim . She’s a young girl, medium size and around 7 months old, more details to follow.
Please note she’s still in Romania and won’t travel till November.
Looking for adoptive homes only.
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Two beautiful girls in foster care together and doing well, both small size.

Joanna is lovely and gets on well with her foster mum, follows her everywhere, she’s does get on with Annie but can be bossy and around food with her, she’s also cautious with new/strangers coming into the home, but her foster mum is working with her.

RESERVED: Annie, she’s a lovely girl energetic and would need another dog in the home, as she loves to play. She loves walks and is good with people.

Please complete a interest form if you're keen to meet either of them.
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Cookie - Still waiting 🙁 

Hi, my names cookie I'm just over 3 years old and I'm looking for my forever home.
I love lots of cuddles and kisses as well as running around and playing with my toys especially lost socks.

I'd prefer a home where its just me and my person as I can be quite jealous of other animals however I do get on very well with other dogs and love to play with them.

That's a little about me for now, I'll post a little more about myself in a few days.

Awaiting my forever home
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Small girl currently in foster care in Mansfield area.
She’s doing very well and seems to be enjoying her new life rather than kennels.
She’s approx 8 years old but we think she maybe a little younger than that.
If you are keen to adopt her, please do complete the interest form on the website.
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Hildi our not so hairless dog, currently under assessment and having more vet treatment to get her hair growing again and sort her skin! This beautiful girl was saved from china, she was left outside the vet clinic, many end up at the dog meat trade so she was lucky.
She’s a little grumpy with dogs, so maybe a dog free home or another dog who will put her in her place.
Please get in touch for more information.

I'm interested!


Beautiful Jamima has just arrived in foster care in Nottingham, she’s medium size, good with people but a little shy with men. Good with dogs and would like another dog in the home.
If you would like more information, please do get in touch.
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She’s a lovely pup, good with people and other dogs, loves to play and keen to learn. She’s around 6 months of age.
Please complete a interest form.
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Meet our gorgeous foster Mimi, she's been a very special guest in our home for two weeks now and coping amazingly with the change of scene in her life. We think she's 4-5 years old and was rescued from a kill shelter in Romania but get the feeling she's been used to living in a human home before. She loves a good walk and been out on a harness twice a day with my dog, and so far very laid back with other dogs if a little timid understandably. Getting used to buses rumbling past and strange noises and has been solid as a rock through the recent (and still ongoing! ) fireworks thank god for her, we are very proud of her. Mimi loves attention and would suit a household where she has company most of the day, but has been as good as gold when we leave her and our pooch together. Toilet trained also, and would be good to have another dog to copy and learn from. Sits very nicely for a chicken neck 😁 and loves nothing more than a cuddle up on the sofa with you at every opportunity, has the softest fur 💕💕 if you have anything you would like to ask just pm me.

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She’s a small cross breed, great and friendly girl, approx two years of age.
She travels into foster care after the 25th of October.
Anyone keen to adopt her please do complete the interest form on the website.
Thank you
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Beauty is around two years old approx, she’s lovely and doing so well in foster care, She just wants to have a home to call her own. She’s good with dogs, people and older children.

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Matilda - RESERVED 

This lovely girl is in foster care and doing well!
She’s not keen on other dogs, but does love people and loves to be around you.
She loves walks and just wants to learn.
Please complete a interest form if you're keen on Matilda.
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This lovely girl is returning to us, and is going back into foster care, if your keen to
Meet her please do get in touch, this is from her current mum:

This beautiful girl is coming back into rescue due to ill health of her owners.
She will come into foster care, but we would love a new adoptive home for her.

Here is some information from her mum:

Sadie is a very affectionate girl, she gets on great with other dogs and also children, she can be a little nervous of some adults, but she soon gets over this and it doesn’t seem to be any one type of person e.g one time it could be a male and the next time it could be a female, she will just hide for a little while and then she will be okay, she loves her walks and is very good on and off the lead, but obviously not off lead until she is confident with the person that is walking her, she just loves cuddles and fusses, her only strange habit is that she thinks all of her toys and blankets belong in the garden!
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This boy is so special to our rescue and his foster parents!
He was saved from china, from the dog slaughter house where he would have been eaten for meat!
He suffered a lot but yet he still totally trusts humans, the day he was unloaded he wagged his tail.
Since he arrived from China he is doing so well in foster care.
He does have neurological signs, this is when he had parvo virus in china and nearly died, your own pets will not be at risk, as I know people will worry. His signs are he shakes and his head does twitch a lot, this can happen more when he is stressed, the scan will also tell us if this affects his lifespan, we have been told by a few rescues who currently have and have dealt with dogs with neurological issues that they live a very happy and healthy life and live just as long as normal dogs. The vets have met him and said he may need scans or to see a neurologist and maybe a MRI scan which we would pay for, we don’t have pet insurance for our animals in care, so we would have to raise the funds but we wouldn’t leave any new owners to deal with this alone. If you can offer him a home with another dog this would be amazing.
Please consider rocket and don’t let his current problems put you off.
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This boy is looking for his forever home, he was in his adoptive home with 10 other cats but wasn’t doing well as he got older, and became a little bossy.
He is now in a new foster home with two other cats and is doing a lot better, he was grumpy at first but has settled so well and does need other cats as he relies on them. He is deaf and needs to be a indoor cat, he absolutely loves people and cuddles up with his foster mum and her daughter.

Please do contact us, adoption donation is £100 he is vaccinated, microchipped Flead and wormed and neutered, and comes with pet passport.
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This lovely girl is awaiting in Romania, we met her on our last visit and she’s adorable, very good with other dogs and people and loves to play. Another dog in the home would be great for her. She does have a best friend who’s she’s in kennels with called Annie, both going to the same home would be amazing, but can go separate also. 
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Tinker can be a shy but she's very playful, a right little Tinker! She's still only a pup so needs a home that understands what puppies can be like! Adopt me!


Belle is the daughter of Brandy who is also up for adoption. She is in foster care in the UK and thriving. She will need another dog in the home and children over the age of 8. She has not yet been cat tested. 
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Brandy is the mum of Belle who is also up for adoption. She is in Romania but can travel in November. She will need another dog in the home and children over the age of 8. She has not yet been cat tested. 
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This girl leaves China in December and we are looking for her forever home. She’s good with people and dogs, I’ve personally met her my self.
Adoption donation is £350 as she will cost us around £800 to get to the UK. 
Adopt me!

Tinker (Tilly) 

Tilly can be shy but she's very playful! She's still only a pup so needs a home that understand what puppies can be like! Adopt me!


Little Nancy met my 7 year old grandson and was brilliant with him, I would think a home with bigger children and at least 1 other dog would be best for her, she needs someone to run around and play with, toilet training coming along and she's really good on her lead now.
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