Dogs For Adoption

One this page you’ll find all of the lovely fur babies that we currently have wanting to be adopted to find their forever home. Some of the dogs have pages of their own you can click and find out a little more, this is usually the dogs that need a little more TLC than the others.

If you’ve found your new best friend, make sure you go to the interest form to register your interest, if you’ve got any questions visit the contact us page and we’ll get in touch as soon as we’re able.

Thank you for your support,
Lots of love,
The One Paw Team x


Emma is a lovely small JRT size girl. Lovely with people and other dogs and even cats, she’s currently in foster and is doing very well, she has wheels for her back legs to walk outside, and has to wear a nappy as she can’t go toilet properly, she needs someone who’s not working all the time and has lots of love to give her.


This is Tinkerbelle. Tink is a small size female around 3 years old approx. She’s good with people and other dogs, still in Romania, she’s up for Adoption to her forever home who will love and cherish her as their new best friend.


She’s looking for a adoptive home, she’s very shy, but lovely she will need a patient home, no young children and would definitely love another dog in the house to follow around. She’s not been around cats.


Molly is a small girl she’s doing well, for more information please do get in touch as she’s still under assessment and improving by the day.


This beautiful boy will arrive with us after the 14th March and will be ready for adoption after assessment:
He is a shy boy who will need a patient owner, another dog would be good for him in the home, and no young children. He hasn’t been cat tested.

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Lovely chihuahua girl who will be ready for adoption soon, she will be best in a home with no children, and she would love another dog to play with, she is being neutered soon so will be ready after neutering.

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This lovely girl is traveling from china and arrives in the UK on the 31st she’s come from the dog meat trade. She’s a lovely girl and will come into foster for assessing.

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Tedora is looking for her forever home, and we have no idea why she’s not had much interest! She’s a lovely small girl, good with people and other dogs, she's around 7 years old and she's an absolute delight to have around your home. 

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Snow White

Snow White is a tiny girl who is only 35cm tall! She is lovely with people and dogs. Taking adoption applications now! 

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Pip the pup is a small girl who is around 16 weeks old! 

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Grasu and Sahara

Sahara and Grasu are two girls that were found in the snow in a open field. Both were very shy/scared when found, they are now doing great and they come into foster after the 16th April. Grasu is the tiger looking one, Sahara is the white girl. 

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Hildi is a tiny girl who we have helped escape the China Meat trade. She's been through horrendous experiences and has a skin condition that is now clearing up. She's flying from China, could she find her place in your home?  I'm interested!


Bonbon is a small girl who we have helped escape the China Meat trade. She's been through horrendous experiences and is partially sighted in one eye but is a lovely sweet girl. She's flying from China, could she find her place in your home?  I'm interested!


Vivi is coming into foster and will be available after the 15th of April for adoption. She will be undergoing assessments so please do get in touch for more information .

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Polo pup is still looking for a home, he can come to us around the end of April, once he has a adoptive home waiting. He will be medium size when older.
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Sia was rescued from a horrible shelter, she was then in a safe kennels for around 6 months in Romania and finally she’s in the UK in foster care and is doing well, she’s still very shy and will need a patient owner, she’s not out walking yet, and only allows people to stroke and fuss her when she wants. She’s not aggressive in any way just shy, will need other dogs in the home, no young children and a calm home would be best. I'm interested!


This is Dora a lovely puppy who was found on the street with her siblings, we were just in time as they may have been dead a few days later as the snow hit in Romania. She's good with children 8+, people and dogs. 

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Little and lovable lucy is looking for a home soon, she was found with her sister Dora and her brothers  on the streets of romania. Lucy has a few broken bones so we will be operating on her, to try and help her walk properly. She’s up for adoption soon

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She was a sad case when we met her, she was alone in the kennel shown here, she was confused, stressed and didn’t understand what was happening, she’s a older girl. 
She will need a retirement home and possibly another calm dog to be with.
No children please as she’s a older girl who needs peace and quiet. 

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Honey is lovely playful girl she’s still in Romania, but soon as we have a home offer we will then get to us in the UK. She’s good with people and dogs and is a beautiful soul. 
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Cheeky Eddie! My husband (who is holding him) loves this boy loads, he was in the kennel with him as Eddie bounced all over him and kissed him lots and lots. He is a bouncy character, he is good with people and dogs and would suit a family with older children.

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