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About Cookie

  • I am a small size mixed breed female from China and I am approx 3-4 years old.  I was rescued from the China meat trade
  • I am completely blind, but my foster parents say I’m very adaptable to new situations, and a very quick learner
  • I just need a bit of time and support while I get to know new spaces and a little extra help around steps/stairs. Sometimes you might even forget that I’m blind!
  • You might even sometimes forget that I’m blind!
  • I am a very resilient lady, particularly after my difficult start in life
  • I have a very sweet nature, am very happy and my tail wags almost permanently.
  • My new owner will need to have patience with me until I learn my new surroundings, but remember, I am a bright little pup!
  • I have bonded with my foster parents really quickly.  I can be a little scared when hearing loud voices (especially male) and will go to them for reassurance
  • My favourite things in life are being around my loved ones, belly and ear rubs and meal times. I love snuggling up on the sofa for cuddles and a snooze
  • I enjoy little play sessions and don’t need much exercise.
  • I walk well on my harness and lead, but will need to go slowly because of my impairment
  • I’m doing great with toilet training if taken outside regularly, and dont’ have any accidents
  • Any resident children will need to be 16+ as, due to my visual impairment, I can be startled by sudden movements or loud noises
  • I am spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated and currently in a foster home in South Buckinghamshire
Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption

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