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About Ariel

  • I am a small size Chihuahua cross female from Romania and I am approximately 5 months old,
  • I currently live with my sister Jasmine at my foster home, and my Uncle Bert who lives there already, I love playing with him but respect him when he says no.
  • There are a couple of cats here too that love dogs so they are teaching me that I don’t need to chase them, I am very gentle with them when they roll over for a fuss.
  • I am a bit nervous of the massive world around me but I learn very quickly to trust and go to my foster mum or sister for security.
  • I love to play with toys and I will share nicely, I do love to play a lot and I think its great fun to run off with my foster mum’s slipper and hide it behind the chair so she can’t get it.
  • Its also great fun to zoom around the house especially with my sister.
  • I’m very busy and will get into mischief when my foster mum isn’t looking.
  • I love my food and am still having 3 meals a day, I’m a bit of a piggy though but I will share with my sister.
  • The garden is a great place to explore although I get a little spooked at times.
  • I like to find treasures to run off with too but I try hard to come when mum calls me.
  • I love cuddles but can be very fidgety when I’m not ready to crash and sleep.
  • There is a new thing around my neck called a collar and I’m being a good girl having it put on and wearing it without a fuss. 
  • I’m also very good and wait while my harness is put on.
  • I have briefly been on little walks outside on the lead and it was very interesting, I’m looking forward to exploring more though I might be a little scared at first.
  • Puppy pads are another new thing and I try very hard to go to the toilet on them but still forget or miss.
  • I have been in the garden lots of times though and I’m sure I will get the hang of it when I know the routine.
  • I don’t like being left though and want to be where-ever my foster mum is and I do protest a quite a bit when left behind, I am therefore looking for a home where someone is around most of the time, who can give me lots of love and attention and continue with my training
  • it takes me a little longer than my sister to settle at night, but I will settle for the night when I realise mum isn’t coming to get me.
  • I would love to find a new home with another playful young dog that will be kind to me as I want to play a lot!
  • I am vaccinated and microchipped – and I will leave for my adoptive home with a Neutering contract.
  • I am currently in foster in Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, Lincs.
Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption

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