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About Annie

  • I am a small/medium sized mixed breed female from Romania, with very long legs, and I am approximately 11 months old
  • I look like a fox and I am very pretty.
  • I am very friendly and love meeting new people. I greet people coming into the home with enthusiasm and love a cuddle and strokes.
  • I am looking for an active home, with another active dog.
  • As I am treat and praise oriented, I am ready to learn new things. I
  • have already learnt how to knock on the cat flap to go to the toilet by copying my foster sis.
  • I need an outlet for all my energy.
  • My favourite thing is to climb on your lap for cuddles and strokes. I’m just a bundle of love.
  • You can brush me as well as I just want love.
  • I love my walks. I am gaining confidence with all the new smells and sounds.
  • I like to greet people and will say hello to other dogs if my foster sis does.
  • I will need lots of exercise, and a chance to play.
  • I love to play, with both toys, to steal them to put them in my basket and with my foster sis.
  • I like to make lots of sounds.
  • I am very respectful though and listen to my foster sis. I currently live with my foster sis and my foster cat bro who I like to sniff but I don’t react to him.
  • I could live with cats.
  • I eat well, and am learning to eat it in my bowl. I do sometimes take mouthfuls to eat elsewhere.
  • I show no food aggression and will sit on command for a treat. I am very gentle taking them.
  • I sleep in my crate. I settle in there without any fuss in the kitchen.
  • I have been left for a couple of hours in the day without a problem and I will be pleased to see you.
  • I can nap downstairs whilst you are busy in a different room without a problem.
  • I am learning to travel well in the car, and am restrained with a doggie seat belt.
  • I am house trained, but may still have the odd accident in the house.
  • I would need direct access to a fully secure garden. I love it when the sun shines so I can roll about in the garden.
  • I am very friendly and could live with 10 + age children.
  • I am a bit mouthy in my play and I need training to help me not do this. I
  • am vaccinated and microchipped, and neutered.
  • I am currently in a foster home in Nottinghamshire


Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption
Ella dog for adoption

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