Adoption Form

We’re delighted you’ve chosen to adopt one of our babies!

Your adoption paperwork can all be found on this page.

Please read through the forms below before going on to signing your adoption contract. We recommend you print these off so you have a copy should you need to refer to it at any point.

If there’s anything you need clarifying, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you.

Your adoption agreement can be found here

Terms and Condition of Adoption can be found here

Your Donation agreement can be found here

If you notice the following when you have your One Paw dog, please don’t be alarmed.¬†

  • Kennel cough
    Even with the KC vaccination being done prior to travel, they can still get a cough, this is down to stress of travel, and will go. You will notice sometimes that it starts more when they have been running around and playing, and then go to lay down, which the cough will seem worse. Some honey and human cough medicines can be used, but not sugar free. Vet visit if needed, they will give antibiotics.
  • Blood in the feces
     Sometimes you will see spots and/or a lot of blood, this is sometimes caused by stress again, and change of foods, remember these dogs sometimes have been eating rubbish/cheap foods before coming to us in the UK and this can cause some stomach problems. If the blood is every day and bad then a vet may need to be seen. 
  • Runny Feces
    This can easily be treated, chicken and rice to be given or scrambled egg to bind the stomach together, and also some Pro-Kolin from any Manor pharmacy.
  • Distemper/Parvo virus
    Signs of this are lethargy, not eating, runny nose (green snot) runny eyes. You should not see this! All our dogs are health checked before travel by a (Tracers) vet who legally has to confirm they are fit to travel. We have had a few vets in the UK trying to scare adopters into thinking they have these diseases, when they have not. Leishmaniasis is another they are trying to say Romanian dogs have, this is a Spanish disease.
    Please contact us first before any tests are done, or if you are worried. Any other concerns please do contact us or contact our vets for a second opinion. Thank you

Finally, please work through the form below to submit your Adoption Contract.