Adopt a One Paw – Toffee

• I am a small female mixed breed from Romania and I am approx. 5 months old
• I am looking for an active home with someone who will set me firm boundaries and continue with my training, as I am still a baby and I’m learning all the time what is expected.
• I am super friendly with everyone I meet and my favourite thing in the world is a cuddle. Bonus if I can nap on your lap!
• I am still learning how to be left on my own, and I haven't got the hang of this yet. I am therefore looking for a home where someone is around most of the time, and who can build up the time I am left gradually
• I love to play with other dogs! I have bouts of high energy and like to play quite rough with them, and then I just flop and sleep. I will need a home with at least one other young and playful resident dog, to help me to learn and also for companionship, but most of all to play with!
• I will chew things I’m not supposed to, (slippers and plants are my favourite) but I’m quick to learn.
• Food is they way to my heart and I learn quickest with a little treat reward.
• I sleep at night in my crate and pen in my foster mums room. Mostly I sleep all night now and I am clean through the night.
• I am still learning this house training lark and getting better day by day, as long as you are around for lots of trips to the garden I am very good at this!
• I am sometimes nervous on walks, but once I am out most of the time I love how exciting the world is!
• Older sensible children only, as I am still a puppy so like to nip when playing sometimes.
• I am vaccinated and microchipped. I will need to be neutered as part of the adoption contract when the time is right.
• I am currently in a foster home in Nottingham

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