Adopt a One Paw – Nelly

  • I am a female mixed breed from Romania and 8 I am years old
  • I am a very friendly and calm dog, you only need to look at me and my tail starts wagging! 
  • I have settled very well into my foster home and spend most of my time sleeping on the comfy sofa (my favourite place).
  • I’m looking for a calm and moderately active family who can give me the love and attention I need. 
  • I am a curvy lady and could do with someone who can help me lose a bit of weight and help me get more active.
  • I enjoy going for walks and love to sniff all the new smells. 
  • I’m great on a lead and harness and travel well in the car. 
  • I’m happy meeting other dogs and people outside, as well as welcoming visitors into the home. 
  • I’m fine with outside noises, such as traffic, but can sometimes be wary of things that move too quick and close to me.
  • I settle well at night in my bed and don’t make a peep. I’m very happy to see my foster mum in the morning and I’m in a good night time routine.
  • I’m toilet trained and will normally pace if I need to be let out. 
  • I can be left alone for reasonable periods.
  • I don’t like to play with other dogs, but I am happy to be around them, so I would like to live with another older dog or a calm dog with a similar temperament to me.
  • I currently live with another calm male dog and would be happy to continue living with another dog as this is what I’m used to. 
  • I have only seen children from afar and do not take much interest.
  • I could live with calmer, older children provided they respect my space.
  • I have not been cat tested, but this could be completed on request.
  • I am vaccinated, Microchipped and Neutered
  • I am currently in a foster home in Nottingham

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