Adopt a One Paw – Nancy

  • I am a female Pomeranian cross saved from the meat trade in China, I am approximately two years old.
  • Even though I am small and cute looking, I am quite lively and require daily exercise, I’m certainly not a dog that can sit around all day!
  • I currently live with a male dog and enjoy his company, I’m also learning a lot of things from him on how to behave in the home.
  • I’m generally friendly with people but can be weary of some strangers when out and about, this seems to be more towards men.
  • I can be weary of children if they are too excited around me, if I feel unsure I will walk away to give myself some space.
  • I enjoy playing with squeaky toys but can be ‘mouthy’ with hands when playing, I will therefore be best in an adult only home or a home with calmer, older children.
  • I am not fussed about playing with other dogs, so would like to live with another calm dog.
  • I like to greet other dogs when out and about walking, but once I’ve had a sniff I’m happy and will move on.
  • I walk well on the lead. I have no issues putting my harness on/off.
  • I’m getting used to walking near roads and can be a bit weary of fast movements.
  • I have not shown any signs of resource guarding in the house.
  • I’m getting used to household sounds but I avoid the hoover and tend to hide under the sofa until it’s stopped!
  • I am happy to be left for short periods of time, but can whine/cry if left for too long. I am making daily improvements and feel more relaxed when I realise the resident dog is still present.
  • I settle at night in my crate in the kitchen
  • I am mostly house trained but can still have accidents in the house.
  • I travel well in the car
  • I have not been cat tested however I do bark at cats in the street
  • I am vacinated/miocrochipped/neutered
  • I am currently in a foster home in Nottingham

Please note that due to the high costs involved in saving dogs from the China Meat Trade, the adoption fee for Nancy is £1,500



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