Adopt a One Paw – Milah

  • I am a small/medium size female mixed breed from Romania and I am approx 1 year old
  • I can be fearful when first meeting people, but once I learn to trust, I am super affectionate and friendly and enjoy a fuss and a cuddle.
  • I am looking for an active home with a confident experienced owner who can set me firm boundaries and continiue with my training
  • I am looking for home as an only dog so I can enjoy having you all to myself
  • I do love to play with other dogs, and I can get a bit over excited and boisterous. Regular socialisation with other dogs on a regular basis is a must.
  • I love my toys, the softer and squeakier the better!
  • I don’t like being left for long periods on my own, as I enjoy human company and want to be close to my foster mum. I therefore need a home with someone who is around the majority of the time, and who will continue to work with me and build up the length of time I can be left gradually.
  • I am fine with having my harness and lead on and mostly enjoy my walks, though I am still slightly fearful of cars and people.
  • I travel OK in the car now and I am improving everyday.
  • Food is my favourite thing in life, so I am very easy to train.
  • I sleep in my basket at night in the same room as my foster mum.
  • My housetraining is doing well and getting better every day, as long as you are around for lots of trips to the garden!
  • No children or cats
  • I am vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.
  • I am currently in a foster home in Nottingham.

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