Adopt a One Paw – Harley : Now Reserved

  • I am male mixed breed from Romania and I am just 4/5 months old.
  • I am quite a big boy for my age and and I still have some growing to do
  • I currently live with 2 foster doggie friends and love to run around with them.  Sometimes they do tell me off if I get a bit too excited, and I do take the hint and back off.
  • Im looking for an active home, and due to my age and size I will need plenty of garden space for me to run around, chase and play
  • I will need lots of regular excersise with long walks as I grow so I can burn off some energy
  • Im also looking for someone that has the time to continue to train me and teach me new things, and to set me some boundaries and help me to learn my manners
  • I may benefit from attending puppy training classes too, I'm clever and eager to learn
  • I DEFINITELY need a home with another doggy friend for reassurance and for me to learn from and for me to play with
  • I do like lots of fuss and tummy tickles, and enjoy being close to my foster mum and follow her around everywhere
  • I don't like being left on my own and can bark and howl when my foster mum leaves me, so will need someone who will continue to work with me to build up the length of time I can be left.
  • I currently sleep upstairs in a bed in my foster mums room with my other doggie friends
  • As I am still a pup I can still chew things I'm not supposed to such as slippers, socks, cushions and generally anything that doesn’t actually belong to me, but if you distract me with a toy or a treat I will happily focus on those
  • I am OK wearing my harness and have been for walks, but will need more work and encouragement to walk well on my harness and lead.
  • I love my food and show no signs of food aggression
  • I still need work with my housetraining, but am getting better all the time
  • I travel OK in the car
  • I have not been tested around cats, but as I'm a puppy I am likely to chase, so a home with no cats would be preferable.
  • Sensible children only aged 8+
  • I am currently in a foster home in Nottingham
  • I am vaccinated, microchipped but will still need to be neutered

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