Adopt a One Paw – Envy Reserved

  • I a female chihuahua-cross from China and I am approximately 2 years old.
  • I weigh Just under 5 kgs and am fully-grown.
  • I enjoy a lot of fuss and attention and I am very affectionate.
  • I can be slightly nervous when meeting new people, but will relax quickly if approached slowly.
  • I get on well with other dogs and am looking for a home with another doggie friend of a similar size for me to play with.
  • I have been left for short periods of time, but I am left with my foster-sister.
  • I do bark when my foster mum first leaves the house.
  • I like to play with toys and will happily entertain myself with something soft and chewable.
  • I  quite like 'borrowing' slippers, cushions, etc, but do not destroy them.
  • I am learning to play with my foster-mum, too. I will goad other dogs to play and enjoy a chase with them.
  • I get excited when I see my harness and enjoy a brisk trot while on walks.
  • I ignore birds and cats, although if a cat runs past me I will run, too, as I think they are playing.
  • I sleep in a bed in foster-mum's room and am quiet all night.
  • I am largely house-trained, but have had the odd accident in the house when very excited.
  • I travel well in a car.
  • I love food - any food - and will steal it if it's left unguarded.
  • Children 13+
  • I am microchipped an spayed and am due my last vaccination on 9th July.
  • I am currently in a foster home in Nottingham.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high cost of saving dogs from the China Meat Trade the adoption fee for our China dogs is £1,500
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