Adopt a One Paw – Bruce

  • I am a small male Yorkie x JRT x Chihuahua and I am 8 years old.
  • I  love people, and am very friendly and enjoy lots of fuss and attention and I have a very waggy tail
  • I love cuddles and I like snuggle up against you on the sofa
  • I am a lively little fella and just love to play with my ball and my favourite stuffed horse!
  • I am looking for someone who will play with me lots and who will take me out as I really enjoy going for walks
  • I sleep upstairs, in my bed, usually buried under my blanket.  I do try to sneak on to my foster mums bed, but she puts me back under my blanket and I am fine.
  • I can be very vocal and I talk to you in my own doggie way 
  • I bark when I see someone out of the window, I bark for fuss and attention, or when I want something.  My foster mum says I am improving however as she has been working with me on this.
  • I do suffer from seperation anxiety, and don't like being left on my own.  I am able to be left for short periods of time whilst my foster family is in the house, but I do bark and howl initially when they go out but I do settle after a while. 
  • I am OK with other dogs when out on a walk, if they are at a distance.
  • If they are near me I can bark at them and I can lunge if they come into my personal space
  • I could live with another CALM dog of a silmilar size that didnt want anything from me, as I dont really play or interact with other dogs, and can snap if they startle me or come to close.
  • I would be fine living as an only dog, and my ideal home would be with an someone who could take me lots of walks, not leave me on my own too much, and who had lots of time and patience to work with me to reduce my separation anxiety.
  • I am well trained, will sit and give my paw.  I enjoy treats and take them from you very gently.
  • Vaccinated, neutered and microchipped
  • NO cats or other small furry animals
  • Sensibe older children (15+)
  • Currently in a foster home in Nottingham.

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