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On this page you’ll find all of the lovely fur babies that we currently have wanting to be adopted to find their forever home. Some of the dogs have pages of their own you can click and find out a little more, this is usually the dogs that need a little more TLC than the others.

If you’ve found your new best friend, make sure you go to the interest form to register your interest, if you’ve got any questions visit the contact us page and we’ll get in touch as soon as we’re able.

Thank you for your support,
Lots of love,
The One Paw Team x


Ronnie is good with other dogs and gets excitable when he meets people. We'd recommend children 8+ he is doing so well in his foster home, so affectionate and just wants to be loved.


Emma needs a special home with someone who has some time and lots of love to give. She is paralysed, but she can go to the toilet on her own, eat and have lots of fun running round.


This girl is just the most lovely girl! Well she is to us at One Paw, she was helped by us nearly four years ago, and placed into her adoptive home with a lovely family, after a few months Molly started showing signs of guarding her mum and family. Molly needs a special home so click on her name to read her page.


Roxy can be a little shy and nervous when she meets you, but once she knows you shes friendly and loves a fuss. She is good with other dogs, clean in the house, and a good girl on her walks


This lovely girl will need a special home, someone who is willing to put time in to getting her to trust people as she has nipped out of fear in the past. Please click on her name and read through her page carefully if you're interested in adopting Elsa.


George is a small boy and around 6 years old, friendly and loves people, he will need a calm home, and possibly another dog but can also be homed on his own.


Lucky is a medium size boy, collie size, he is lovely has a great character, this boy came from a horrendous shelter and just needed to be rescued. he is around 5 years old, & is best with older children and another dog to keep him company but he would be fine on his own as well.


Beautiful Tilly is in foster near Sheffield area, she settled into her foster mums within hours, she loves people and other dogs, and loves to play. the only concern is she got a little protective over her foster mum when she was sat down and had a little growl once! She just needs to learn that she can't have everything!


We don’t have that much information on Pebbles yet, but shes friendly and small size and is good with dogs, if you would like to foster her with a view to adopt this option is available, lets get her out of kennels and into a warm home.


Toffee is around 17 weeks old, she would suit a family with older children and another dog. She loves people and needs a loving family where she won't be left more than 4 hours as she will need help with toileting and training.


Stan is a Pomeranian cross who was rescued from a puppy farm. He needs a lot of care and attention, so if you're looking for a Stan in your life, please click on his name and read his page carefully.


Tinkerbelle is a small girl around 2 years old, she was shy and scared but with a bit of love she's now doing well. She's still in Romania, and can be fostered with a view to adopt.


Flora is 1 year old and enjoys nice long walks & is very good on the lead. Still a bit scared of loud traffic & noises but is no trouble while walking. She is very good with people, children and other dogs but not been cat tested. She's an extremely affectionate dog and most nights will be found curled up at your side wanting some fussing.


Tom is used to socialising with other dogs, he loves his walks and playing! However, if something spooks him on a walk, he will pull back and potentially pull out of his collar, so always needs to be walked on his harness. He will do anything for food and he loves to sit on your knee and gives proper cuddles - where he snuggles right into you!

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