Molly was helped by us nearly four years ago, and placed into her adoptive home with a lovely family, after a few months molly started showing signs of guarding her mum and family, we helped with a behaviourist who came out and worked with them.

Our behaviourist gave her family tips and advice. It’s believed she was guarding due to being  confused as she was living in three different homes within the family throughout the week!

We made the hard decision as a rescue to ask them to return Molly to One Paw. Myself and my partner Shane went around to see her and she immediately wagged her tail and gave kisses, which was nice as she recognised us after all these years.

We placed Molly in a new foster home to be assessed, she was very unsure when she arrived and was scared. She wasn’t keen on the man in the house but was fine with us and the ladies, she’s been in for a few nights now and is doing well, she has met the two resident dogs and seems fine. She did growl at her foster Dad the first night when he came down after a shower with a dressing gown on, but he sat on the floor and she came straight over with her head down wagging her tail.

Molly now needs someone with experience who won’t give up on the first hurdle, someone with another dog to show her the way and let her know that she doesn’t need to be the guardian of the house. She’s looking for someone who can socialise her and give her lots of exercise with no cats or young children.

If you can offer the home Molly so desperately needs, we want to hear from you. Please use the interest form, or if you’ve got any questions, let us know by using the contact form.

*We would like her to stay near Nottingham so maximum travel time of two hours for adoption please*