Dogs For Adoption

One this page you’ll find all of the lovely fur babies that we currently have wanting to be adopted to find their forever home. Some of the dogs have pages of their own you can click and find out a little more, this is usually the dogs that need a little more TLC than the others.

If you’ve found your new best friend, make sure you go to the interest form to register your interest, if you’ve got any questions visit the contact us page and we’ll get in touch as soon as we’re able.

Thank you for your support,
Lots of love,
The One Paw Team x



Tinkerbelle is a small girl around 2 years old, she was shy and scared but with a bit of love she's now doing well. She's still in Romania, and can be fostered with a view to adopt.


This is Polly and she is 6 months old and now up for adoption! She is a friendly typical puppy who loves going on walks and playing with other dogs. She needs someone who can spend plenty of time with her and who understands what puppys can be like!


Gracie is a young girl and very playful. She's shy at first but is looking for a new home, she will be ready end of September, as she's away with her foster mum on holiday at the moment! She's good with other dogs, not been around cats, and would be best with older children.


Emma is a lovely small JRT size girl. Lovely with people and other dogs and even cats, she’s currently in foster and is doing very well, she has wheels for her back legs to walk outside, and has to wear a nappy as she can’t go toilet properly, she needs someone who’s not working all the time and has lots of love to give her.


This is Mara. Mara was in a kill shelter but she was saved when her foster family came along. She's a shy older girl who is looking for a quiet life with owners that will take the time to bring her out of her shell. She's looking for a forever family, could this be yours?


As you can see, Murphy is still in kennels and is desperate to come out and meet his new family!

Tilly and Jodie

Tilly and Jodie are around 6 months old. These two beautiful babies are two sisters! Both were in a shelter due to be killed. They are now safe in foster care in Romania. Both good with people and other dogs.


Heidi is a medium size girl, and lovely with people and loves other dogs, she will be coming into foster care soon and then will be looking for a new forever home!


Cassies a loving affectionate dog, never snaps or gets nasty. Never barks really either, quite content sitting and lounging around with a chew toy. Fine with kids but best with older children,other dogs she’ll sniff but then generally ignore them, she hasn't get been tested with other animals.


Penny is a lovely kitten, and wants a perfect home. She’s a lovely sweet and affectionate girl, She does have Neurological problems but this doesn’t affect her and wouldn’t need any medication for that, she’s also apparently deaf but will double check with the vets. She would be best as a house cat. Her adoption donation is £85


Stan is a Pomeranian cross who was rescued from a puppy farm. He needs a lot of care and attention, so if you're looking for a Stan in your life, please click on his name and read his page carefully.


She’s looking for a adoptive home, she’s very shy, but lovely she will need a patient home, no young children and would definitely love another dog in the house to follow around. She’s not been around cats.


This beautiful boy is Reggie a lovely boy who as you can see was sat in the shelter alone, with no love and not in a warm home. He needs a home he would love another dog to play with, he is around 6 months old now.


Here is Betty beautiful white and black girl, around 6 months old. Very lovely and just wants to be fussed. Good with dogs and people.


Ozzy is around 6 months old and is still in Romania. He is a collie boy, we've never seen a pup so frightened! He was hiding in the corner of the kennel, and wouldn’t move! We would love him to go to a family who have had collies before. He would be best with older children and another dog around the house.


Mona is lovely girl who stole our hearts. She was found on the street, where my husband shane ran out the car and grabbed her as she was on a very busy road. She’s around 5 months old and will be for Adoption soon. She will grow to be medium sized.


She’s looking for her forever home, she’s small size and would be best with a family with older children or a couple and would love another dog as a friend. She’s around 2/3 years approx.

Bianca & Sonia

Both are looking for homes, they are a mum and her baby. They were both found in a field, mum was very very scared now she's doing well, she'll need a family with a lot of love to give.


Beautiful Amy, she’s a lovely character as you can see with her cheeky luck! Loving girl who just wants to please, she would be best with a couple, and another dog or would suit someone on their own. Not been around cats, and does like children but would say 10+ is best.


This is Polly and she is 6 months old and now up for adoption! She is a friendly typical puppy who loves going on walks and playing with other dogs. She needs someone who can spend plenty of time with her and who understands what puppys can be like!