🌟🌟🌟AMAZING 🌟🌟🌟

Thank you to everyone from our volunteers and members to the general public who turned up to support One Paw today. We’ve had a
final count and the total raised today was…….     £1879.38

Special Thank you to Doreen Whitaker, Sophie Ullyatt, Carole Dempster, Carol Green, Traceyanne Smith, Jen Jen Sunshine, Aaron Duffin, and Faith John Marshall on the mic today. Also, Grandad John and Jean, Mick and Paul Mowson, Sarah Merrin and Beth Osborne.  xx

And of course all our supporters, amazing team work again.

Love you all
Shaun and Shane x

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Meet The Team

We are a small rescue with foster homes, which help unwanted Romania dogs that appear in free adverts or dog pounds, who are due to be PTS. Our rescue is a non profit organisation and we ever so grateful for the help of donations. We are a non destruct rescue. We also work in partnership with other rescues if we have no room to accommodate.


I Need A Home

We have many dogs needing loving forever homes
Please take a look at our dogs needing homes page
Dogs Needing Homes

Tesco Bag Pack Event

Our wonderful One Paw Volunteers raised a whooping £273 at our Tesco bag pack event. This money will go towards our vet bills. Let’s all give a big Thank you to our One Paw Volunteers!

Fosterers Urgently Needed

Fostering helps save a dogs life and can be very rewarding but also a challenge. Some of our dogs we save, have come from terrible backgrounds and may need to learn how to live in a house again. By fostering a dog, you will be assessing the dogs progress in your own home and will be asked to feedback to us on a daily/weekly basis.  If you are interested in becoming a fosterer for One Paw please complete the interest form on the Foster Process page

Urgently seeking their own  forever sofa 

One paws looking for forever homes, all have been with adopters and are returning to us and looking for homes again.

Our three girls all love people but can be a little jealous living with another dog, Cassie could possibly live with a older dog her mum said.  All are best with just adults no young children or cats.  Dottie has been adopted twice but returned through no fault of her own.

Please get in touch for more info and we will discuss with you (home check and adoption donation does apply)

Adoption areas Nottingham,Derby, Birmingham, Leicester and Sheffield, or 2 hours from Nottingham.

This is a big ask to find them homes without all of the above, but let’s make this possible.

Fostering With One Paw

Fostering helps save a dogs life and can be very rewarding but it comes with a challenge. Some of our dogs have come from horrible backgrounds and may need to be house trained. By fostering a dog, you will be assessing the dogs progress in your own home and will be asked to feedback to One Paw on a daily/weekly basis.

Foster dogs will stay in a foster home for a minimum of 2 weeks, up to four weeks depending on their circumstances. Possibly longer, if needed. We only foster out to people in the Nottingham, Derby and Leicester areas only.

To become a One Paw Foster, please contact One Paw via the contacts page or our Facebook. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

Click Here to read some of our current testimonials.

Emily Bryan

” After a great afternoon at Wollaton Hall for One Paw At A Time Dog Rescue event, it’s hit home about where our Sansa actually came from. She was behind bars, in awful conditions back in Romania. The guys at this rescue are amazing and I can’t thank them enough for bringing this amazing girl into our lives “

Glenis Cannon

” One paw at a time rescue is a friendly supportive rescue. Help is always on hand. The dogs are placed in safe loving foster homes until forever home are found “

Dawn Charlton

” I support my son Shaun and son-inlaw 100% on what they do to save these beautiful dogs. Everything it does not matter if its a fish to a dog they all need a second chance! I am so proud of both of them for giving the dogs new forever homes…Mum Dawn “

Aaron Duffin

” I think my brother Shaun & his partner Shane do an amazing job in rescuing dogs from Romania. It doesn’t matter what country a dog is from as long as it gets a loving home and I support them 100% in what they do…GREAT JOB! “